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Pages that provide usable tools and other resources to help build Society capacity for membership growth and thriving.

Technology Tools

Besides the basics of email and a Society website, the following tools may be useful to Societies in their communications efforts: Calendars Google Calendar: the calendar can be embedded in a web page, and you can combine multiple calendars (to distribute responsibility to multiple committees, for instance) into one single calendar.  See the two calendars on this page for an example of how it works:  The Ethical Year  Another advantage: members… Read More »

Committee Descriptions

Committees, in well-functioning organizations, each has a defined area of responsibility – its reason for existence.  (Note: this is also true of one-person committees, or jobs.)  And the responsibilities are documented in writing, and agreed to by both the committee and the overseeing body (often the Board), with periodic agreed updates. The attached is a basic format that is helpful in defining a Society’s committees. The temptation when describing committees is… Read More »


Colloquy: a tradition in Ethical Societies for smaller, more intimate sharing about important life issues. Many use the book by Arthur Dobrin, Spelling God With Two O’s, for readings and questions. Most Societies use Colloquy either in place of some platform meetings, or as an option before the regular platform meeting.  Colloquys could, of course, be held any time during the week. [in process – more to be added] Below are… Read More »