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by Stephanie Dohner When a volunteer quits a job, especially quits volunteering altogether, the cause may be: 1. Overcommitment. This is probably the most common problem. Some people just cannot say “no”, and others seem to be able to ask no-one else. 2. Mismatch of job and volunteer. Another common problem. It is based on the fallacy that all hard workers can and should do everything. 3. Volunteer has been… Read More »

Healthy Congregational Leadership

What makes for healthy congregational leadership?  Here is a discussion tool for lay leadership courses, board development time, etc. Text from that file: Peter Steinke’s book, Healthy Congregations: A System Approach (1996), looks at how congregation leaders act in healthy systems.  He is using “leader” in the general sense, including all volunteer and professional leaders within the congregation. He identifies behaviors of emotionally and spiritually healthy leaders, including (in no… Read More »