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02: Lay Leadership in Societies

Of all the factors contingent to growth, the quality and style of lay leadership may be the most significant..  Lay Leaders usually carry the burden of management  and as such often determine the welcoming character of the Society,   along with shouldering the burden of  fiscal responsibility.   The American Ethical Union and the National Leaders Council  have already  prioritized this area by the creation of lay leader Summer Schools and  the… Read More »

Assessing Volunteer Leadership

These are resources (in process) that may be useful in assessing volunteers – lay leaders -within our Ethical Societies.  Volunteer development and effective Society functioning depends on assessing the performance not just of paid staff, including professional Leaders, but all who are working within the organization. Note: if any of these links does not work, try searching on that site for the name given in the link.  If that doesn’t work, try… Read More »

Working With Volunteers: Three Areas for Attention

What are the basic areas where you’ll need to put attention in working with volunteers in an Ethical Society? How do you recruit and engage volunteers, serving both effectiveness of task completion, and learning and success of the volunteer? How do you support volunteers so that they can succeed and so that the tasks can be done effectively, serving the Society? How do you evaluate — not the person —… Read More »