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Understanding Congregation Finances

Note: some links may have changed.  Use Bing.com or Google.com or your favorite search engine to try to track down any versions of the documents currently online. Most important: From the UUA: Handbook for Congregation Treasurers & Financial Leaders (PDF) Article: Effective Congregational Stewardship Practices IRS Pub. 1828: Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations (PDF, 32 pages) Recommended: Beyond Fundraising: The Complete Guide to Congregational Stewardship – Wayne B. Clark Creating Congregations of… Read More »

Seven Most Often Asked Questions about Pledging

1. Why give money to the Ethical Society? Only by investing our money will the Ethical Society philosophy and program succeed. It’s our community and purpose; we have to support it. 2. Can I contribute time and talent instead of money? The more time and talent we invest, the more it costs for mailings, meetinghouse, staff and leadership to support those programs. Participation is the heart of our community, but… Read More »