Mission Statement

AEU Membership Committee Mission Statement

The primary mission of the AEU Membership Committee is to promote the growth and development of existing and future Ethical Culture Societies, to assist in enhancing their effectiveness, and to seek to increase membership.

In order to fulfill this mission, the Membership Committee will:

  1. organize workshops and seminars to train Ethical Culture lay leaders on topics concerning organizational and community development, membership growth and retention, dispute resolution, outreach and promotion;
  2. develop materials and resources for the dissemination of skills and expertise in these topics;
  3. offer assistance to Societies seeking help with respect to membership issues;
  4. provide guidance to Circles and other organizations affiliated through the Membership Committee;
  5. respond to inquiries from prospective new groups seeking to affiliate with the AEU; and
  6. recommend the admission of new member organizations or adjust the status of existing organizations.

As its goals for 2014-2015, the Membership Committee shall strive to:

  1. produce at least one weekend workshop or seminar per calendar year and one or more lesser workshops or seminars at the annual Assembly;
  2. develop or assemble materials
    (i) to improve operations of existing organizations and
    (ii) for people starting new Circles or Fellowships,
    concerning the fundamental skills of organizing and operating an Ethical Culture group and the basic tenets of Ethical Culture; and
  3. organize an advisory team knowledgeable in organizational development skills to support potential new groups or existing groups which appear to be willing and able to make good use of such assistance.

This mission statement and the goals were created by the American Ethical Union Board, September, 2013.