Colloquy: a tradition in Ethical Societies for smaller, more intimate sharing about important life issues.

Many use the book by Arthur Dobrin, Spelling God With Two O’s, for readings and questions.

Most Societies use Colloquy either in place of some platform meetings, or as an option before the regular platform meeting.  Colloquys could, of course, be held any time during the week.

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Below are tools and resources used in colloquy in various Societies.

Attached here:

  • An Understanding of Colloquy, words by Leader Bob Greenwell: printable 3 per sheet so they can be cut and used as a reading at colloquy, or just as a handout.  Word document (if you want to make changes) and PDF (for quick printing).
  • A signup sheet for facilitators from Jone Johnson Lewis: I used this when re-initiating colloquy at Northern Virginia in the fall of 2009.  We used two facilitators for each session, to build a sense of teamwork and collaboration, and we scheduled the colloquys every two weeks (chorus rehearsals were the other weeks).