Community Life


The Ethical Movement takes an approach to life that focuses on the profound ethical dimension of human experience. In this sense they treat “ethics as a religion”. The essence of the Ethical Movement is the belief that every person is uniquely precious and irreplaceable, that each person has the potential for good, and that life is most meaningful and rewarding when lived ethically. The Ethical Movement believes that ethics is essential to life.

Ethical Societies are dedicated to creating a more humane environment. The premise is that human beings have a capacity and responsibility to act in their personal relationships and in the larger community to create a better world. Learning how to build ethical relationships is a life-long endeavor.

The common ground for Ethical Societies is the desire to encourage the growth of ethical behavior in a caring community and in the larger world. The Ethical Movement believes that the needs which create “religious” response are universal and that no system of belief has entirely failed or succeeded. The responsibility of all Ethical Societies lies in shaking loose from narrow thought searching for high ideals such as integrity, community and justice, and finding courses of action consistent with these deep values.

A humane environment can only exist if people develop skills of self-reflection and the ability to participate in community life. Ethical Societies serve as a place to strengthen these qualities. They provide a learning forum for a shared ethical quest, offering support to members as they face the tragic aspects of life, celebrate joys, and strive to create atmospheres that encourage moral progress. Ethical Societies offer regular opportunities to celebrate ethical values in the context of life passage events and daily living.

Ethical Societies seek to join with those who believe that their ethical goals can best be advanced through fellowship with others who cherish the same aims; through group study and action intended to add to the knowledge, the love and the practice of better ways of living; through educational, civic and social action carried on In this spirit: and through a deep and abiding connection with all those who accept the challenge of reducing suffering and increasing creativity in the world.

Ethical Societies are thus not mere discussion groups, social dubs, or forums for the advancement of purely personal agendas. They are the creation of a respected movement, organized around carefully refined principles and goals, and established collectively over several generations. The aim of all Ethical Societies is to promote the creation of “a more ethical culture”.