Three Major Hurdles to Growth: Family-Size to Pastoral-Size

If your family-size Society/Fellowship can answer these questions in the affirmative and there is a consensus among your active lay leaders that growth in membership and toward calling a full-time leader, then you may be ready for the transition.

1) Can the group trust that their professional leader is operating in the interest of the Society/Fellowship and accept that sometimes the leader will have information first and then pass it on to lay leaders?

2) Can the Society/Fellowship foster and nurture small groups to which not every member will be able to or want to belong?

In a pastoral-size Society it is important to meet a diversity of deep interests. These may compete for interest and time. A larger Society has room for multiple groups meeting differing needs and/or meeting simultaneously

3) Can the volunteer leadership of the Society manage the new polarities and possible conflicts among differing interests while empowering the professional leader as pastor and coordinator?

If the leader is expected to take care of internal conflict, he or she may not be able to be an adequate pastor to all members.

written by: Joy McConnell / Stephanie Dohner