Group Power and Authority

Group Power and Authority

At some point, new members realize that, to be effective, they must be able to recognize where power and authority lie in the society and how to influence it. If an Ethical Society is living out its values for a democratic organization, then that power and authority is shared among leaders and members. Roy Oswald’s Power Analysis of a Congregation allows an individual to identify the most dominant people in the congregation by the kinds of influence they have and determine his own power levels by evaluating his relationship with these people. It’s very simple and very useful.


Growing in Authority, Relinquishing Control: A New Approach to Faithful Leadership by Celia Allison Hahn (Alban) No. AL151 $15.95

Power Analysis of a Congregation by Roy M. Oswald (Alban) No. OD89 $6.25

Stress, Power, and Ministry by John C. Harris (Alban) No. AL27 $9.95 (a 7-session study guide is also available for $2.95 each for clergy and laity who wish to study these issues in group settings. No. AL27sg)