Mobilizing Volunteers in Ethical Societies

AEU Community Growth Workshop, October 14,1992


  1. To be carefully interviewed and appropriately recruited for a meaningful task;
  2. To receive training and supervision to enable them to do that task well;
  3. To be involved in planning and evaluating the program in which they participate;
  4. To receive recognition in a way that is meaningful for them;
  5. To be regarded as persons of uniqueness with special gifts to share;
  6. To be accepted as a valued member of the team.


The degree to which I can create relationships which facilitate the growth of others as separate persons is a measure of the growth I have achieved in myself.

Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person

Every inward work required an outward expression, or it comes to naught… this is why a person’s work is always of utmost importance. “Being” and “doing” complete each other…. We cannot choose one above the other without falling into great trouble.

Elizabeth O’Connor

Caring must not involve me in a peripheral way only; I must be able to make use of my particular gifts. Unless my distinctive powers are sufficiently called into play, my caring cannot significantly order my life. I am not fully engaged and I feel somewhat denied.

Milton Mayerhoff, On Caring

We can’t simply cheer people on and give them our best wishes. We have to make room for them in our own lives.

Reuben Gornitzka, Who Cares

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