Starting New Activities

Joy McConnell’s theory of starting new activities in Societies:

In Ethical Societies we often don’t start an activity or program until we know there is a definite interest and enough people to make it worthwhile.


What it takes to make a program or activity work is one person or a small group of people who are committed to be there ready to go with the program every time-someone who has the real intention to make it work. It is possible that very few people will show up at first.

Keep at it until you have convinced them that you mean it, that you intend that this program be a part of your Society; that is how they know you really mean it and that they can take the risk of getting involved in it, that it won’t go away just as they’re starting to count on it.

Examples that have worked: Sunday Schools that started with no children or only one child and are now flourishing with 25-35 children; singles groups of 100+ that started with 6 friends; a group for women in transition that started with one woman searching -for support during her divorce and now serves more than 300 women.

Check in your Society. I bet there are some examples that started simply with one person’s intention and commitment.