Before You Begin: Membership Program Rating


Take some time to do an evaluation of your current Society/Fellowship practices and programs that have a direct impact on membership growth and maintenance as well as Society effectiveness. The following program rating scale can help you do that.

It is important to have your membership committee and/or board fill this out for their own information and for consciousness-raising about Society effectiveness and membership growth. We suggest that you also have a cross-section of members and lay and professional leaders fill this out. It may also be instructive to have some of your newcomers and new members fill this out, as well. This will help you discover those things which may not be as apparent or available to the general membership ana to newcomers as you think they are. It always helps to get fresh new points of view on your Society and how well it is doing.

This form can also be a great training tool for membership committees and new boards. It is a quick overview of what a growing and flourishing Society or Fellowship is offering its community and its membership.

We also suggest that your Society undertake such an evaluation every year to get a sense of your own improvements and achievements as well as areas in which there may have been a diminishment of program or effectiveness.