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Conflict: Readings

Below are some readings that some have found helpful in Ethical Society contexts. Article: Finding the Optimal Level of Conflict – David R. Brubaker Conflict Management in Congregations: “Conflict Management in Congregations harvests the collected wisdom of many of the key thinkers on this topic, including such past and present Alban consultants as Speed Leas, George Parsons, Margaret Bruehl, Gil Rendle, Alice Mann, and Roy Pneumann. Much of the material found here… Read More »

Undesirable Conflict

Undesirable Conflict Unfortunately, if polarities are not managed so that they are in creative tension, the attendant conflicts can get out of hand and escalate. When groups of people no longer are speaking to each other, it is time to get advice from professionals who work with seriously conflicted groups, instead of doing systems analysis. Friedman’s books (mentioned earlier) are helpful in understanding the underlying dynamics and family tensions usually… Read More »

Managing Polarities and Conflict

related content:  “Managing” Polarities and Conflict People often have the idea that if they are in charge, they should fix everything. If there are “problem” groups or people, they should be shown the “right” way or removed. If there are two major factions in a society, they should be encouraged to form a joint compromise agenda. Such attitudes are based upon the assumptions that there is one right way to… Read More »