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Eight Commitments

In the Ethical movement, deeds are more important than creeds, actions and commitments more important than beliefs. Thus, we don’t share a belief statement; this document describes some commitments that many of us do share. Eight Commitments of Ethical Culture 1. Ethics is central. The most central human issue in our lives involves creating a more humane environment. 2. Ethics begins with choice. Creating a more humane environment begins by affirming the… Read More »

An Ethical Culture Philosophy of Working With Volunteers

WHEN…. We grant worth to every person (including those who are different from ourselves) in their own right, without regard to their value or usefulness to us or our Ethical Society, We treat people as ends in themselves and not merely as means to our or some other ends, We truly believe that every person is unique in the universe, with a unique excellence, particular gifts, talents, or potential, We believe… Read More »

Community Life

(author?) The Ethical Movement takes an approach to life that focuses on the profound ethical dimension of human experience. In this sense they treat “ethics as a religion”. The essence of the Ethical Movement is the belief that every person is uniquely precious and irreplaceable, that each person has the potential for good, and that life is most meaningful and rewarding when lived ethically. The Ethical Movement believes that ethics… Read More »