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Systems Theory: Readings

Some resources on congregations as emotional systems: How Your Church Family Works: Understanding Congregations as Emotional Systems by Peter L. Steinke Building on systems work from such pioneers as Bowen and Friedman, Steinke looks at how roles, change, behavior and conflict are rooted in the economic relationships within the congregation and within the lives of members and staff, including professional Leader. The self-management of all leaders, including lay and professional, especially… Read More »

Healthy Congregational Leadership

What makes for healthy congregational leadership?  Here is a discussion tool for lay leadership courses, board development time, etc. Text from that file: Peter Steinke’s book, Healthy Congregations: A System Approach (1996), looks at how congregation leaders act in healthy systems.  He is using “leader” in the general sense, including all volunteer and professional leaders within the congregation. He identifies behaviors of emotionally and spiritually healthy leaders, including (in no… Read More »