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09 Searching

Introduction by Joy McConnell and Stephanie Dohner Question: Why should people find us? Answer: We let them know we are here. Then we welcome them when they come. Many people in our communities are unchurched today. Many of those people see themselves as humanists, agnostics, atheists or free-thinkers. Many of those people are looking for a community where they can get support for living more ethical and meaningful lives. Many people are… Read More »

Membership Growth

In this section, you’ll find resources on both how to grow your membership in numbers, and how to grow your membership in other ways: deepening commitment, more understanding, serving subgroups better, embodying ethical humanism. In this section: You may find these resources  from other sections of this site useful, as well.

Starting New Activities

Joy McConnell’s theory of starting new activities in Societies: In Ethical Societies we often don’t start an activity or program until we know there is a definite interest and enough people to make it worthwhile. WE MUST CHANGE THIS. What it takes to make a program or activity work is one person or a small group of people who are committed to be there ready to go with the program every time-someone… Read More »

Helping New Members Feel They Belong

BRAINSTORMED LIST OF WHAT ETHICAL SOCIETIES CAN DO TO HELP NEW MEMBERS FEEL MORE AS IF THEY BELONG From AEU Membership Workshop, October 1991, Westchester) People could really listen to them. Get them involved in small ways at first. Communicate often — phone calls, written materials. Establish relational/peer groups or new activities: potluck dinners, socials, dances, theater parties, improvizational theater, outreach, ethnic dinners, fall gathering (weekend away in the country), workshops… Read More »