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Membership Growth

In this section, you’ll find resources on both how to grow your membership in numbers, and how to grow your membership in other ways: deepening commitment, more understanding, serving subgroups better, embodying ethical humanism. In this section: You may find these resources  from other sections of this site useful, as well.

02 Commitment in Ethical Societies

Introduction by Joy McConnell, AEU Director of Growth and Development AEU Commitment to Growth and Development In 1990 the American Ethical Union — the federation of Ethical Culture and Ethical Humanist Societies across the country – decided that we wanted our movement to grow, to live out the promise and potential of its original vision. We believe that Ethical Culture is a religious/life-stance perspective that speaks very relevantly to today’s… Read More »

100+ Ideas for Membership Growth

100+ Ideas for Membership Growth, January 2001 adapted by Bob Kaufman from a document on the UUA web site used with permission Put name tags in a convenient location, and encourage everyone in your congregation to wear one on Sunday. Provide different colored name tags for visitors. Provide coffee mugs with a different color for visitors and others who may want to meet people. (Be sure to talk with those… Read More »

Size Theory

The size of the organization affects how it can function.  Groups of all kinds – not just Ethical Societies — have some predictable patterns for how size affects how they organize.  You may be familiar with the classic story of the small family business which, as it grows, is no longer able to function in the same way; not-for-profits and communities also have similar issues.  With growth, communication needs to… Read More »

12 Keys to Effective Congregations

Adapted to humanistic language appropriate to Ethical Societies, the following are the 12 keys to congregational growth, according to this model: One major effective outreach program: building a more humane world in the broader community One-to-one relationship-building within the Ethical Society: help and hope for human hurts, connection with members and friends of the Ethical Society Sunday platform meetings that are warm and welcoming, intellectually stimulating and encouraging of ethical… Read More »