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04: Engaging Members in the Work of a Society

The Focus on Engaging Members This aspect of membership growth involves primarily growth in quality, and only indirectly growth in quantity. It focuses on the extent to which current members of a society devote energy toward carrying out the work of the society. Of course, the work of the society is sometimes carried out by paid staff–leaders, teachers, administrators and caretakers. But much often remains for the members to handle… Read More »


Ethical Societies require many volunteers to do tasks, in order to function effectively and serve members’ needs. Staff can be assigned some functions, where that makes the most sense, but even the supervision of staff is ultimately delegated to the Board of the Society. Volunteering is also where members bond — working together and solving problems or resolving conflict well is one of the ways we learn to ‘bring out… Read More »

Volunteer Recruitment Grid

Some ideas for using this grid in your Society: 1. Have new members, potential committee members, lay leadership workshop participants fill out these forms. 2. Have them write what they are already doing in these quadrants. 3. Have them write what they have been recruited to do in these quadrants. 4. Have participants share what is in their four quadrants. This is important because it helps people to see that there are… Read More »

Assessing Volunteer Leadership

These are resources (in process) that may be useful in assessing volunteers – lay leaders -within our Ethical Societies.  Volunteer development and effective Society functioning depends on assessing the performance not just of paid staff, including professional Leaders, but all who are working within the organization. Note: if any of these links does not work, try searching on that site for the name given in the link.  If that doesn’t work, try… Read More »

Mobilizing Volunteers in Ethical Societies

AEU Community Growth Workshop, October 14,1992 WHAT VOLUNTEERS NEED AND WANT To be carefully interviewed and appropriately recruited for a meaningful task; To receive training and supervision to enable them to do that task well; To be involved in planning and evaluating the program in which they participate; To receive recognition in a way that is meaningful for them; To be regarded as persons of uniqueness with special gifts to share;… Read More »

An Ethical Culture Philosophy of Working With Volunteers

WHEN…. We grant worth to every person (including those who are different from ourselves) in their own right, without regard to their value or usefulness to us or our Ethical Society, We treat people as ends in themselves and not merely as means to our or some other ends, We truly believe that every person is unique in the universe, with a unique excellence, particular gifts, talents, or potential, We believe… Read More »

Hard-To-Fill Jobs

by Stephanie Dohner When it seems difficult to fill a particular volunteer slot, a number of causes are possible: 1. The job is too big, needs very specialized skills, or requires that a person work during time periods when few people are available. It should be a paid position. Marie ran the Sunday School for 30 years as a labor of love. Health problems force her to retire. There is… Read More »


by Stephanie Dohner When a volunteer quits a job, especially quits volunteering altogether, the cause may be: 1. Overcommitment. This is probably the most common problem. Some people just cannot say “no”, and others seem to be able to ask no-one else. 2. Mismatch of job and volunteer. Another common problem. It is based on the fallacy that all hard workers can and should do everything. 3. Volunteer has been… Read More »